Ellen Yang is a slow travel photographer based in Talavera de la Reina, Spain in 2018-2019. She specializes in developing surreal visual content for fashion and commercial brands, international organizations, educational institutions, and individuals from all around the world.

Known for her use of light, colors, and aura, Ellen infuses her artistic experiences from living abroad in Russia, Latin America, East Asia, and Europe to curate a portrait of our globe that illuminates a sublime tranquility, subtle drama, and isolated beauty. Her work, purposeful in featuring diverse faces and locations, is influenced by years of living abroad, cultural encounters, and moments of humor and connection.

Her continuous involvement with new spaces and people allows her to harmoniously create a sui generis yet universal aesthetic for editorial visuals and commercial campaigns. Her work has been featured by the USA Pavilion World Expo 2017, the University of Connecticut, Mexico-based NGO Human Connections, and more. Most recently, Ellen has been working on spur-of-the-moment artisanal collaborations, such as with Mezcal Unión from Guadalajara, Mexico and Hotel Hesperia, Madrid.

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